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  1. Villads Nilsson
  2. mjrival
    mjrival joaomgcd
    Hi Joaomg!, I've been suscribed to AutoApps for two months, but in my bank extract I see in first month (GOOGLE *joaomgcd) but in this month I see (GOOGLE *KITXOO) Have you change the name? thanks
  3. Shaun Wray
    Shaun Wray
    Using autonotification to alert me of specific Gmail messages..not all the others.
  4. TrendsQue
  5. Boolean263
    What must I do to get my first forum post moderator-approved so I can get help?
  6. Steven Sr.
    Steven Sr.
    Tasking it up in Android.
  7. Steven Sr.
    Steven Sr.
    Tasking it up.
  8. Mario Santamaria
  9. robertsteward
    robertsteward joaomgcd
    Hey Joaomgcd, I was wondering if you have plans to move a couple of the Alpha apps to Beta status (or offer them as one time purchase)?
    AutoBluetooth, AutoBubbles, AutoCalendar, AutoMail, and AutoMediaButtons.

    Thanks for all you do, you make the impossible, possible!
  10. hony322 ydd
  11. Melaoe Dixon
  12. Kamlou
    Kamlou joaomgcd
    Hi Administrator, I was wondering if you could point me to the right direction regarding support, i am quite desperate for help as most of my home automation works on the app, pleas let me know
  13. Mar kIvey
  14. Moises Davidescu
    Moises Davidescu joaomgcd
    Hi Joaomgcd, I installed AutoWeb, when I try to configure Web Service, I get an empty window...any advice
  15. James Myers
  16. Bits Underground
    Bits Underground
    The drums will shake the castle wall, The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.
  17. micah rowe
  18. doris reece
  19. tammy kerr
  20. whatsapplife
    WhatsApp Life | Refreshing Your Knowledge