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    I'm working on an app with the following work flow:

    - When a notification is posted by ESPN, RotoWire, Sleeperbot, or NFL Fantasy, launch task NFL Scraper.

    The task then has the following actions:
    1. Scrape the notification using AutoNotification Query. This works just fine.
    2. Post the notification to a scene. This also works just fine.
    The user presses a button acknowledging he has read the notification...
    • Destroy the scene and end task.
    • Write the notification to a file for later presentation.
    • Call another scene to notify the user that notifications are waiting for his review
    End task

    The next user story works like this: When the user taps the scene telling him notification are waiting, those notifications are retrieved and presented again.

    I use a new task to meet the requirements of this story

    Profile: User taps notification scene.

    1. The missed notifications are (1) retrieved from a file, (2) split apart, and (3) fed into the same scene used as part of the task above. - These all work except the population of one screen element. More about this below.
    • The user presses a button acknowledging receipt of the notification, it is deleted.
    • The notification is saved again.
    End Task

    Here's the problem: The scene I use in the first user story is populated by variables provided by the AutoNotification app, which include the variable %anicon representing the icon of the app throwing the notification. However, I can't seem to save a path to retrieve this icon when I save the notification to the file.

    So, I thought, I'll run an app query using AutoLaunch and grab the icon that way.

    Not so fast, my friend...

    As an example, I'm using the app nickname "espn" to run the AutoLaunch Query, which populates the variables %allabels, %alpackages, and %alactivities. However, the variable %alicons is populated by "error".

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any insights would be very helpful.
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    Why not skip the whole notification to file saving part and just query the notifications in real time using the AutoNotification Query action? :)

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