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    The attached profile responds to "read email" and "read all email".

    For "read email", it reads all "is:unread label:inbox" messages, then it does a tasker "say" action for the from, subject, and snippet of the first message in the returned list that it hasn't done a "say" for previously. To hear the next message, just "read email" again. It does the "say" through the headset if one is connected.

    It cleans up the from and snippet fields before saying them. For "from", if the field is of the form "Name <>", it just says the "Name" part. For "snippet", if the field contains escaped unicode, such as &#39; instead of apostrophe, it converts the unicode to ascii.

    For "read all email", it does the same thing as "read email", except that it first clears the list of messages for which it has previously done a "say". In other words, it will "say" previously read messages again.

    It would be great if autogmail would also fill the agtext variable with the email body.

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