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  1. BigNutz
  2. Dirk Zarb Cousin
    Dirk Zarb Cousin
    Our Driving School offers automatic or manual driving lessons in Joondalup with our experienced male or female driving instructors .
  3. freaktose
    Driving fast, taking chances.
  4. geek4hire625
    geek4hire625 joaomgcd
    Hello. I am new to using tasker although I have owned the app for a long time ( paid version) however when i click on the link to the forum i get redirected to a google group? whats up with that?
  5. dorene abbott
  6. Longvansystem
    Longvansystem specializes in providing software solutions vps, ssd, cloud server
  7. uttamkumar
  8. DongGion
    Waiting for help...
  9. Alex Kezar
    Alex Kezar joaomgcd
    Hi Jao,

    Thank you so much for creating this app. I really appreciate it. I don't want to waste your time, but could you please help me figure out how to use Auto voice? I'm wanting Alexa to find my phone as a virtual device as said to do but Alexa is unable to. Any ideas? I think a phone call might even be beneficial lol. Hole to hear soon!

  10. Robby
  11. Robby
  12. ombreprom
  13. DoruK
    I'm sorry for my English, I used google translator.
  14. JoatMon
    Working on getting USB to automatically switch from 'Charge this device' to 'Transfer files'
  15. Mr. Handsomeface
    Mr. Handsomeface
  16. Jîbøñ Khan råj
    Jîbøñ Khan råj
    Love is another name ❤️ of pain
  17. StephanieKelly
  18. drex
    drex TomTcom
    did you ever get the toggle scenario with the myQ openers to work? having same issues
    1. TomTcom
      Lol this was 4 years ago. But I will tell you that Joao never updates AutoVera. I rely on it heavily with autonotification. I've asked him for years and never a single update that I can remember.
      Apr 27, 2019
  19. Bcraft
  20. joaoautoappsofficial
    I'm not the official joao apps