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  1. Apillzonline
  2. Apillzonline
  3. Beauba1025
    So I am wanting to automate turning on my vpn when I open a certain website. How would I go about this?
  4. lakiluklakiluk1144
  5. Coolguybob
    Coolguybob Raivo Kask
    I am having the same issue with my tablet timing out after 5 seconds while running tasker and motion detector. were you able to figure out the issue?
  6. Apillzonline
  7. click-click
    click-click joaomgcd
    It's not nice being ignored. Is no one reading these posts?
  8. Laurens Gamet
    Laurens Gamet
    Hey i have a problem when I use auto input on tasker i get the message "Continue After Task error"
    1. Laurens Gamet
      Laurens Gamet
      I already clicked on the button that says the same but it doesn't work
      Mar 19, 2021
  9. click-click
    click-click joaomgcd
    Why is my post still waiting to be moderated? I made the post in the Off topic General Forum months ago and it is still not viewable. E-mails via Contact Us did not help either.
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  12. D2S Technologies
    D2S Technologies
    D2S Technologies
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  14. akanshsh999
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    Baldwin Arnold
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  18. Download Ring
    Download Ring
    If you are using an iPhone or then you can Download Ring App. The Ring Doorbell is the latest way to help create your smart home.
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