Easy Tasker Import 1.4

Easily import tasks, profiles, scenes and projects via the share menu

  1. Major Update: Easy Tasker Import 1.3

    Robert Ryan
    • Requires AutoShare (v 2.0.36+)
    • AutoTools is no longer required. I love AutoTools, but it was really overkill for this profile.
    • An AutoShare Command is no longer required. Just share with the AutoShare icon.
    • Made it easier to translate for other languages. In the task only two actions need to be changed
      • A1: Change profiles,tasks,scenes to match the three leftmost top tabs in your language. Be sure to maintain their order.
      • A16: Change Import to match the label of the equivalent menu item in your language.
    Video of the profile in action

    Note: I only read english, so I can't really test translations.
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