Enable ADB Wifi Access on OnePlus Phones 3.1

Enable ADB Wifi without necessity of enabling it with adb command from the computer.

  1. Improvements and bug fixes.

    • Quited the separate projects for Android 10 and 11. Modified the main task that it works with Android 10 (OxygenOS 10) and above.
    • In some cases when the user decided to keep display off and/or locked after reboot, it was observed that provided profile (with Device Boot context) was not executing the main task due to screen is off and AutoInput action time out. Added the second profile which make the second attempt to run the main task at the first and only the first unlock of the phone but only if ADB Wifi has not been enabled on boot.:cool:
    • It's recomended to get rid of the previous versions from Tasker setup or disable the old profile before importing and using this version.
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