Filename Chooser for Easy Voice Recorder v1.0

Use custom filename for Easy Voice Recorder app

  1. SmartPhoneLover
    With this project you will be able to specify a custom name for audio files, just before starting the recording in Easy Voice Recorder app.

    Available versions:
    Version (A): Audio files will be renamed as: DATE_TIME_FileName_DATE_TIME (if specifying extra info) or FileName_[#] (if no extra info).
    Version (B): Audio files will be renamed as: [DATE] [TIME] FileName [DATE] [TIME] (if specifying extra info) or FileName (#) (if no extra info).

    - This project was based on a request from a Reddit user. (reference)
    - To delete Quick Presets, long press them.
    - There's no need to configure any specific filename within EVR app. The project will work with any.
    - When using this project, DO NOT use pause function. Otherwise, the file will be saved and renamed prematurely.


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