Get The Deezer Track ID/Link Of Current Playing Song using RapidAPI v2.1

Use this profile to automatically fetch the Deezer Track ID and Link of any song!

  1. Added a Tasker scene for searching tracks on Deezer!

    Update 2.0:
    • Added a Tasker scene in which you can enter any track name and it'll give you the results. In the previous version, if the track had a very long name e.g. 'Taki Taki (with Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B)', Deezer search wouldn't work and AutoWeb wouldn't fetch the results. So to counter this problem I updated this task with an extra scene. Now in case Deezer search doesn't work because of long track name, a secne will pop up asking you to enter the track name and and all you have to do is enter a shorter name of the track e.g. 'Taki Taki' and your'e good to go.
    • Now you can search for any track to get its Deezer link/ID. All you have to do is run this task while not playing any music (i.e. there shouldn't be any music player notification) and the search scene will pop up. :)


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