HUD Anywhere V2 V2

Use two android devices to display any application as a HUD

  1. nmcj
    This is the second vesion of the HUD Anywhere Tasker project.

    This version uses video cast from one device and opened in an AutoTools webscreen in a reversed or flipped view.

    The project requires:
    Two(2) Android devices Device 1(D1) and Device 2(D2)
    Wifi tether capabilities
    Screen Stream:

    Description: The project uses Tasker to open Screen Stream on D1, and then to open another (your choice) app to be displayed in reflection on D2. Probably doesnt need saying, but to use, place D2 infront of a reflective surface, e.g. mirror or window.

Recent Updates

  1. Now working!!!
  2. Not Working atm