Material Design Color Picker (helper profile) 1.0

Assign hex color value in your Tasker projects with ease

  1. autormali
    Sometimes you need to set a hex color value as a variable or just predefined value in Tasker. This profile easily will help you manage it.

    Import AutoTools Color Picker web screen preset.

    Simply run Color Picker task and picked color on the palette will return hex value which will be put to the clipboard.
    Or use the task with AutoShare text processor. Create a text processor:
    • Open AutoShare, select “Manage Text Processors”
    • Create a new text processor by clicking the “+” icon
    • Name it “Color Picker”, give it an icon
    • Select “Yes” when asked if you want to Modify Text
    • Give it a timeout at least 30 seconds
    • Long press it to bring up a menu to select “Process HTML” and select “No”

    How it works can be seen below.

    Happy Tasking!