Peek Notifications 1.0

Peek notifications

  1. IVIanuuu
    Today i wanna share a Profile that has basically the same functionality as the peek feature from paranoid android the only difference is that it will only turn on your screen instead of showing a "active display" like screen.. If you don't know what it is let me explain or watch the Video below;)

    1. When you turn off your screen it gathers the values from your gyroscope and proximity sensors for about 3 seconds
    If it detects that your phone is laying on a table it will use the gyroscope in the next step
    If it detects that your phone is in your pocket it will use the proximity sensor

    2. If you receive a notification it listen's for movement for 10 seconds (basically it looks if the values of the last step change)
    If you pick up your device or pull it out of your pocket then the screen turns on.. If you don't than nothing will happen:D

    It's a smart little profile that gives you the movement functions from ambient or moto Display.. But without to much battery drain

    I use autonotification to intercept the notifications but you can also use the build in tasker function
    To turn on the screen i use secure settings but you can also use another method to turn the screen on.. just edit the "turn screen on" task;))

    1. Download the project
    2. Import it into tasker
    3. Go to the "get Proximity" and "get gyroscope" tasks and edit the values
    4. You can test if it works with the "test peek" task:)
    5. Enjoy:D

    If you have any ideas how i can improve this or you find a bug write it down in the comments:)

    YouTube demo link:

    Original demo link: