Send Nine Email to. 2015-03-28

Using Nine, you can originate a message from the watch, locked or not.

  1. Anthony Buttino
    Since "Nine -Exchange Folders and Sync" doesn't have the ability to send emails right from the watch, unless you are replying, I used a profile that João came up with for Hangouts and you can now start a fresh email from the watch.

    Required plugins:
    Secure Settings (rooted, if so desired)

    Rooted users:
    Switch the task in the profile to "Public, Secure Settings"
    Make sure to change the pin on the bottom of the task for your desired pin. If you don't change it, the pin will be 0000.

    Since "Send an email to" activates the watches messaging, I had to say something else. In my specific case, I decided to say "send a nine to..."