Switch OnePlus Alert Slider Notification Profiles 1.1

Switch notification profiles between Ring, Do Not Disturb and Silent

  1. autormali
    Important! This project works only with Android 8 version (Oreo).

    This Tasker project allows you to switch notification profiles between Ring, Do Not Disturb and Silent on OnePlus devices.

    This is how it works:

    OnePlus blocked the customization the alert slider behavior (Oxygen 3.5.X and above) by locking the volume to the minimum level of 1 in all of the positions of physical slider, except for the top position. OP owners are missing the possibility of automate switching to Silent or Do Not Disturb profiles without acting on physical slider. This Tasker project makes it possible.

    By default, the three positions from top to bottom represent the Silent, Do Not Disturb, and Ring profiles respectively. All the settings applied by the project are made while the alert slider is physically kept at it's bottom position where Do Not Disturb and Silent settings are normally not available. That was not possible before due to necessity of switching the notification profiles physically.

    The project consists of profile Notification Profile=:=, three main tasks: Ring, Do Not Disturb, Silent and one accompanying subroutine task Adjust Stream Volume. Thanks to u/pleplenus for the idea of volume slider task which has been tweaked a little bit to fit the project needs. All tasks desriptions are avialable here.

    To apply the notification profile, simply run one of the main tasks or use AutoApps command accordingly: Notification Profile=:=Silent, Notification Profile=:=Do Not Disturb and Notification Profile=:=Ring. If you want to disable the volume panel toasts - disable the last action in each of the main tasks.

    There is one additional helper task Test Audio Streams added to the project. It's toasting current volume levels of audio streams and playing these streams for testing purpose. Run it to compare what settings are currently applied at all alert slider positions as well as after the tasks are run.

    Provided project supposed to be used while the alert slider is physically switched to its bottom (Ring) position . When alert slider is switched the middle or top position the settings of the alert slider are applied.

    Any enhancements and comments are welcome.
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