Toggle fullscreen on computer

Toggle fullscreen on the computer using a voice command from your phone.

  1. LEGOlord208
    Oi! Anyone remembers Jointercept?
    Well, I just made a super simple yet very cool project!

    I can now tell my phone to toggle YouTube fullscreen on my computer!

    How did I do it?
    Three steps. THREE steps.

    1. A tasker profile to listen for various versions of the same command
    2. When that profile is triggered, send "press=:=f" to my computer
    3. I created the following script in my Join-AutoStart folder.
    Code (Text):

    if [[ "$1" == "press=:="* ]]; then
        key=$(echo "$1" | cut -c 9-)
        xdotool key $key
    Not a very complicated project, huh? You can also use the script for more automation!