Translate into multiple languages 1.0

Provides dynamic options for text processing into 89 different languages.

  1. jamesdevadatta
    This project has multiple dynamic options both to translate text into all currently Yandex translate api supported languages (89) as well as translating Whatsapp messages from another language into English.

    Please set the following text processors in Autoshare:
    • Auto (timeout 40 sec minimum),
    • English (timeout 5 sec),
    • Manual (timeout 40 sec minimum)
    • Multi (timeout 60 sec minimum).
    Plugins required: Autoshare, Auto web (with the Yandex translate API), Autonotification, Autotools and Autoapps, with the Google Keep app for the WhatsApp task.

    Please unzip the file wherein will be the project file, a backup text file containing the codes for each language and the Google translate icon (please edit the autonotification action to set the file path for this icon).
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