UK BT Mobile Voicemail notification 2016-01-26

Converts UK BT Mobile voicemail alerts from SMS to Notifications

  1. Chris Orton
    Hi All

    First time on this forum, hope this is the right place for this.
    Attached are a Profile and Tasks which convert the UK BT Mobile voicemail alert from a text message into a clickable Notification Pane item.

    • AutoNotification
    • Customisation: Your SMS app name
    • Customisation: Your contact name for voicemail number

    For some reason BT Mobile don't support the voicemail indicator icon (the spool icon that appears in the top left when someone leaves a voicemail). Instead you get a text message telling you how many voicemails you have. That's useful, but I tend to dismiss the SMS notification and then forget I've got a voicemail.

    Intercepts the SMS notification
    Triggers the "Voicemail Notification" Task

    "Voicemail Notification" Task:
    Reads the SMS message
    Creates a new notification with Dismiss and Dial action buttons
    Cancels the SMS notification

    "Voicemail Dial Dismiss" Task:
    (Called by the Dial action on "Voicemail Notification")
    Cancels the notification that "Voicemail Notification" Task creates
    Closes the Notification Pane
    Auto dials the BT Voicemail number

    This suits me fine, but there are some things that you may need or want to change:
    • You need to replace references to "Textra" (my preferred SMS app) with the name of your SMS app in the Profile and "Voicemail Notification" Task (unless you use Textra too!)
    • I think you may need to replace "BT Mobile Voicemail" in the Profile with the Contact name you save the voicemail number under (or just 1571 possibly if you dont save the number as a Contact)
    • You could use the SMS Received context on the Profile, instead of AutoNotification (you dont need to capture the details in order to cancel the SMS notification)

    Profile and "Voicemail Notification" Task code:
    Code (Text):
    Profile: Voicemail (19)
        Event: AutoNotification Intercept [ Configuration:Event Behaviour: true
    Notification Type: Only Created Notifications
    Has Reply Action: false
    Notification Apps: Textra
    Notification App: Textra (exact)
    Notification Title: BT Mobile Voicemail (exact)
    Package Name: com.textra (exact)
    Get All Fields : false
    Get Internal Actions: false
    Get Internal Actions Big: false ]
    Enter: Voicemail Notification (8)
        A1: Variable Set [ Name:%VoicemailCount To:%SMSRB Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
        A2: Variable Split [ Name:%VoicemailCount Splitter: Delete Base:Off ]
        A3: Variable Set [ Name:%VoicemailCount To:%VoicemailCount3 Do Maths:On Append:Off ]
        A4: Notify [ Title:Voicemail Text:%VoicemailCount Voicemail(s) received Icon:hd_device_access_end_call Number:0 Permanent:On Priority:5 Actions:(2) ]
        A5: AutoNotification Cancel [ Configuration:Cancel All: false
    Notification Apps: Textra Package:com.joaomgcd.autonotification Name:AutoNotification Cancel Timeout (Seconds):0 ]
    "Voicemail Dial Dismiss" Task code:
    Code (Text):
    Voicemail Dial Dismiss (21)
        A1: Status Bar [ Set:Collapsed ]
        A2: Notify Cancel [ Title:Voicemail Warn Not Exist:Off ]
        A3: Call [ Number:1571 Auto Dial:On ]

    Hope this is useful to someone