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    Hello there

    I'm on Android 10, and I've been using AutoNotifications to recreate the Spotify notification for years, with lots of added features. Actually it's a huge project I should share, but it's just never perfect :3

    Anyway coming to Android 10, a seekable progressbar is added by Spotify, as outlined here:

    This is an amazing addition, but currently AutoNotification doesn't seem to support this just yet? I can find support for progress bars like download bars and such, but nothing for seekable ones. Furthermore, when intercepting a notification from Spotify, no seekable information is even captured.

    I've added a screenshot of my notification along with Spotifys. Notice the line in the bottom of the notification, that one found its way to my notification all by itself :)

    Thank you so much for AutoNotification and all the other Tasker goodness <3

    Kind Regards

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