AutoVoice How to ask the Google Assistant to play an Audiobook on Audible using Tasker, AutoVoice & Routines

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    To be safer and less distracted while driving in my car, I decided I would connect my phone to my car Bluetooth, hide it in the console of my car and only interact with it via voice commands.

    The problem was I couldn't figure out how to give my Google Assistant a voice command that would automatically start Audible and play my audiobooks. Google Assistant would pull up the app, but it won't start playing the audiobook.

    After some digging and testing, I was able to come up with a solution using Google Assistant Routines, AutoVoice, and Tasker, and the fact that Audible will automatically start playing when a Bluetooth device is connected while the app is open.

    In my case, I wanted to be able to say "Okay Google, Audible Time" when I have my phone in the car so that it would start playing my Audible Audio Book without me needing to touch my phone. Here's how it works:
    1. The "Audible Time" command is set up as a Routine in the Google Home app, which which will send the action "Ask AutoVoice Audible Time".
    2. The "Ask AutoVoice Audible Time" command will connect to my AutoVoice account, and send in the command "Audible Time" to AutoVoice. (see this video for instructions: )
    3. The "Audible Time" command in AutoVoice is connected to a Tasker profile that will open Audible and disconnect and reconnect the Bluetooth, which will trigger the Audible app to start playing on my Bluetooth device.
    These actions all happen almost instantaneously in the background. So in summary, I say "Okay Google, Audible Time", Tasker brings up the Audible app, there is a short delay while the task disconnects and reconnects the Bluetooth, and Audible will automatically start playing my most recent audiobook. Success!

    How to set it up:
    1. Make sure Tasker installed on your phone (
    2. Make sure AutoVoice is installed on your phone (
    3. Linking AutoVoice to your Google Assistant account:
    4. Create a new profile in tasker following the instructions in this video:
      1. Command: audible time
      2. Response: okay starting audible
    5. Create a new task for the profile with the following four actions:
      1. Launch the Tasker App
      2. Turn off Bluetooth
      3. Wait 2 seconds
      4. Turn on Bluetooth
    6. Back out of the task, and the profile in Tasker to save the changes.
    7. Test out the new Tasker profile with the command "Ok Google, Ask AutoVoice Audible Time".
    8. If this works, open the Google Home app (
    9. Press the "Routines" option on the main screen
    10. Select the "Manage routines" option at the bottom
    11. Click the "+ Add a routine" link on the screen, and set up the following:
    12. When I say "Audible Time"
    13. Assistant will "Ask AutoVoice Audible Time"
    14. Save the routine, close Google Home, and give it a test by saying "Ok Google, Audible Time"
    Happy listening, and safe driving!
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