Join I made a Python script to execute commands on Join pushes.

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    You can find the script here. (There's a "Download Zip" button on the top right)

    I made it because I couldn't find a port of EventGhost to Linux.

    You'll need:
    • Python 3.6 (specifically 3.6, the script uses f-strings which came in 3.6)
    • Chrome/ium with Join installed and the EventGhost port set.
    • The "pyyaml" module. (Will probably come by default, otherwise get it from pip)

    After setting those up, run the script and try pushing stuff, you should see it recognizing your pushes if everything is done correctly.

    Then you can edit config.yml to add your commands.

    (I am not sure if this is the right forum, sorry if this isn't the right forum.)
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    Nice! Great idea, thanks for sharing! :D
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