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    Hi. This may be a known issue or even a feature but I'm trying to understand the following behaviour:

    The order of events may be relevant.
    I've installed a new application on my Android 7 phone some time back.
    The App has generated a notification (it's still showing in the top bar).
    I noticed this had not been sent to other devices.
    I looked in the 'send notifications from these apps' list and of course it wasn't ticked. Silly me.
    So I ticked the application in the list and OK.
    To test all was working I used the 'send now' at the top of advanced settings.
    Other existing notifications appeared but not the app I'd just ticked.
    I've not had another 'new' notification from the app to see if that gets forwarded.
    So is it the case that existing notifications will not be re-sent if the app was not enabled at the time of the notification being generated? Or am I missing something?

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