AutoNotification Mute (not Cancel) Persistent Notifications

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    Hello, I made a profile that activates when the Audible App is on. This profile AN cancels several notifications. Of course, the persistent ones don't come back upon exiting the profile (only after reboot). Is there any way to simply ignore temporarily the persistent notifications without turning the fully off? I want this function to address the Audible bug that randomly pauses playback due to these notifications... really annoying. (But after i run my AN cancel task, my accubattery and maps persistent notifications turn fully off till reboot :-(
    PS Sorry if the screenshots are out of order :eek:
    Screenshot_20191123-120622_Tasker.jpg Screenshot_20191123-120642_Tasker.jpg Screenshot_20191123-120705_Tasker.jpg Screenshot_20191123-120715_Tasker.jpg Screenshot_20191123-120727_Tasker.jpg Screenshot_20191123-120606_Tasker.jpg
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