AutoRemote Noob: Autoremote Popup in Chrome not reaching Notifications List

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by Reboot, Mar 16, 2018.

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    Firstly, great Apps! To my benefit, Autoapps are working their way into my daily life. Thanks.

    I just competed the step-through shown in the video for "Reply to SMS Messages from Google Chrome" Everything seems to be working except, my popups are hidden by Chrome after a few seconds, as mentioned in the Autoremote Options page in Chrome, but they do not show in the Google Notifications List (which I am referring to as the Bell at the top right of my home screen for If I don't click the popup in time, it is hidden and I can't seem to find any of them. I know, for instance, that Google and YouTube both have their own Notifications List (Bell Icon) depending on which web page is active. Is there a Notifications List I'm not seeing?

    I have looked at the 'Notifications List:Show Notifications From' settings by clicking the gear icon at the left side of the Google Notifications List. Only Google+ is showing as an option. No other apps appear there. I also checked my Google Chrome 'Settings:Content Settings:Notifications' and there doesn't seem to be anything relevant to Autoremote there either. I do show "" there because I allowed Notifications from this forum.

    Any thoughts as to correcting the issue?

    Also, I know the Autoremote Chrome Options page shows that Chrome hides popups automatically but the Notification I received for joining this forum seemed persistent. It did not auto-hide until I clicked on it. Is there a way to allow a similar persistent notification for my Autoremote popups?

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    Hi there. Unfortunately since that tutorial was made Google has removed the notification bell icon they once had (it was in the windows task bar). You should try using Join for that now (instead of AutoRemote) since that has its own notification drawer that will keep your notifications.

    Hope this helps!
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