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    I have a new Motorola G7 Power phone that usually will not popup with the window to answer the phone on an incoming call. It pops up when phone is in safe mode so there must be something installed causing a problem. I disabled Tasker and popup still doesn't show up. I have also confirmed that Notifications in the Phone app are setup correctly. I know that the best solution is to find the cause instead of a workaround but I am not having any luck.

    So.... the idea I had was to open that popup using Tasker on Incoming Phone Call. I am able to open the phone app on an Incoming Call using Tasker but that simply goes to dialer. I need this window or similar indicated by red arrow to open:


    Anyone know if this is an option on a non-rooted phone? Thank you.
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    Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to do that, sorry. What you can do is expand the whole notification tray. Would that be ok for you?
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