Open Popup when certain SSID is available. Dont Popup when driving or already connected to wifi

Discussion in 'Tasker' started by hanswurst31, Jun 9, 2019.

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    hey guys,

    i have access to certain wifi hotspots which are available around the area where im living. they all have the same ssid. im driving around alot and my phone is constantly connecting to these hotspots which is why i deactivated auto connect to this specific ssid. the problem with this is, that i need this hotspot when im at 2 certain places(propably in more places in the future). so im came up with the idea to create a task which gives me a popup as soon as the specific ssid is available which works great. but the problem with this is, when im driving i get constant popups that the specific ssid is available.

    so my question is, if its possible that i dont get a popup while im driving? if yes how?

    also would it be possible that my phone connects to the specific ssid when im at places where i want be connected to the hotspot? maybe with the help of the mac adress or bssid?

    another questions would be if its possible to deactivate the popup as soon as im connected to any wifi?

    thx in advance!
    Popup when certain SSID is available. Dont Popup when driving or already conected to
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    Does your car have a bluetooth radio? If so that could be your condition for driving :) If not, you could use AutoLocation to detect it.
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