AutoVoice Something very strange is happening with Autovoice on my cell phone.

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    Something very strange is happening with Autovoice on my cell phone.

    I downloaded the free version, set the plugin in "AutoVoice Recognized" / "Commands" mode and set the word "home" as the command.

    As I realized that something was wrong, as a test, I created a task in tasker that is triggered when speaking the word "home", this task simply speaks the command word (home) and all words following the command (contents of the variable " avcomms "), for example, when speaking: home to light kitchen light, the task is triggered and all text is spoken by the tasker.
    Everything working as expected.

    I bought the paid version of AutoVoice and after its installation (using AutoApps) the task is not the ones executed by tasker.

    I have reset all the settings in the Tasker, but task on the tasker is only executed when I only speak the word 'home', in case it speaks home to light the kitchen, the tasker is not triggered.

    All the settings I made in the free version were repeated in the full version but did not work.

    I did the test several times and I could not solve the problem. At the moment I am using the free version of AutoVoice, even though I have acquired the full version.

    My cell phone is a Samsung running Android 7.0.

    Can anybody help me?
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    Hi. Can you please go through the list here? Thanks!

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