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    In order to read my task labels more easily I've been playing around with HTML tags.

    I use labels extensively to describe functions because I appreciate how useful they are, but I find the text font is generally too small, apart from sometimes wanting a list format of items. I found a few that work well so I thought I'd post the results here for people who aren't aware of the option.

    The best improvement is increasing the size of the font, which I now use for every label, because I don't like the alternative of capitalising every word to make the text larger.

    Standard label text font size (approximately - for demonstration)
    <big> Text entered after this tag is about 50% larger
    <big><big> Text entered after two <big> tags is about 100% larger
    and each <big> that's added keeps making the font larger.
    (Screen shot below)


    The next useful tag is <br> to provide a line break. Great for keeping text lines neat, especially a list of items.

    Rather than having - Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
    <br> after each item provides the following:
    Item 1
    Item 2
    Item 3

    Other options:

    <b> Bold text label - great for a heading
    <i> For italic text that stands out as well
    Or add some together:
    <big><b><i> For Big, Bold, Italic label text

    There are no doubt a few more but this is what I now use for easy reading descriptive labels. My tasks are so much clearer with this change to formatting that I went through the lot and added formatting tags to most labels in my 80 or so tasks.

    The best way to add tags is by assigning shortcut keys on the keyboard (I use SwiftKey), and as I type, the prediction shortcut is shown which I then just click on to insert in the label.

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