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Discussion in 'Join' started by BiggusNickus, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Hello, I have been using Join + IFTTT + Tasker to use Google Home to send a Wake-On-Lan packet from my phone to my desktop, and it has been working successfully. Tonight I tried to migrate this function to my Raspberry Pi using NodeRED. I am new to NodeRED but it seems straight-forward enough, however I have been diagnosing my flow for 2 hours and have had no success. I have come to the conclusion that the Join Receive Message node is not receiving from my IFTTT applet. Any help with this would be much appreciated!

    -I have the Join server configured in Node-RED and the device is visable in my joinjoaoapps console.
    -I am using the correct API and Device ID strings
    -I am using a bash script to send a WakeOnLan message to my system and this is working correctly from SSH when I enter it manually, I just can't get it to execute from Node-RED.
    -I have tried using the EXEC node to run as sudo and to run otherwise
    -When I look at the DEBUG window, there is zero output: it appears my Node-RED is not being triggered at all.

    To clarify: my IFTTT applet is configured to send a push text "pc_on" to the specified device (either my phone or Node-RED on my Raspbian) which triggers a script to execute the WOL command with the correct MAC address (and yes, my system is WOL compatible, as stated this works fine configured from my phone.) As far as I can tell the script should execute with no issue however I am unable to trigger "Join Receive Message" in NodeRED to respond at all. It is configured with the correct API string and shows in my Join console as a device. Should I be sending something other than text? Do I need to format the webhook differently to reach my NodeRED server (besides using the correct device ID?) Do I need to specify the port for the server on my Raspberry Pi somewhere that I'm not seeing? I'm at a loss. I'm also not familiar with how to check for errors, however I assume I'd be seeing some sort of output in the debug window if there were any action being triggered. Please help, TIA.
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    If you take the Join URL that you're using in IFTTT and just put it in a browser, does that make the "Join Receive Message" node trigger?
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