AutoInput UI query variable setup errors

Discussion in 'AutoApps' started by mnm, Jun 9, 2020.

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    Hi at all.

    I have a sort of calendar of 2 weeks, from Monday to Sunday, and, for every day, different time, from 12-13 to 23-00 (12-13, 13-14, 14-15, and so on).

    Every time can have a different state, occuped or free.

    Now, i would like to do a task that open this calendar and control, day to day and hour to hour, the single state and, if the state is free, tap on it.

    I tryed autoinput ui query but... when i use variable setup, screen capture, i have different array...

    For example:

    Array: Monday
    Array: 11-12
    Array: occuped
    Array: 12-13
    Array: free

    And so on.

    I select one array, for example 12-13 but, when i tap Ok, i have the dialog window with:

    Name for 11-12
    Chose variable name for field with text "11-12"

    Variable name have to be all lowercase.

    Why i select array 12-13, and appear name for 11-12?!

    Ok, next question.

    One time i have different variable name for the different array, for example:

    Array: 11-12
    Name: first

    Array: occuped
    Name: firstoccuped

    Array: 12-13
    Name: second

    Array: free
    Name: secondfree

    How can i controll this variable state and make a task that tap on the variable if it is free?

    Thank for your solution, i'm new in Tasker (i have tried Macrodroid too, but i have same problem) and i try to make this task but... it's too complicated for me
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    Hi. If it's an array then it probably contains all of those values :) Did you try flashing the contents of the array and see what it contains?

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