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Turn on,off,start.. many devices with one voice command

  1. V4.0.7 Fixed Regex in Profile

    This was a quick fix to the Profile that recognizes the AutoVoice Command. The profile was being triggered by one list instead of matching two lists.
    I am still working on removing most variables and writing all info to files to save memory on device but have been very busy...Hopefully I can get this done soon!

    %DeviceRegex = fan|tv|lights
    %ActionRegex = on|off|start

    The profile should have only triggered when at least one word in both variables was present but was triggering when one word from "%ActionRegex" was present.

    I am not a Regex Genius :) The only way I have found to do this is


    This is not as desirable as I would like, Please let me know if you know how to do this with "look arounds" such as "lookahead" or "lookbehind" instead of using the "|" (OR) sign.

    Edit 08/29/15: The change above broke the enable/disable program because the tasker Profile name was changed. It will be fixed in the next update

    Edit 08/29/15: It is also less likely to make corrections in "Word Replacements" because it will be harder to trigger the project. I have posted to the AutoApps forum to ask Joao (Creator of AutoVoice) to fix the Word Replacements in AutoVoice to correct for word boundaries or allow Regex for word boundaries . (link awaiting moderation as of this post) http://forum.joaoapp...-boundary.1105/
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