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  1. Adam R
    Adam R
    Version: 2018-10-02
    I've been missing this ability since Now On Tap was replaced with Google Assistant. It was the function I thought most useful and I was very salty when I found out they didn't carry it over. This setup is perfect and does exactly the same thing that I've been missing. It brought a smile to my face running it the first time. It's so nice that you even create a quick settings tile as part of it all.

    Great work, you're a true hero!
  2. bdiddy
    Version: 1.1
    Here's a way to avoid the looping and all that.
    Tasker AutoCloud Backup (19)
    Abort Existing Task
    A1: List Files [ Dir:Tasker/configs/auto Match: Include Hidden Files:Off Use Root:Off Sort Select:Alphabetic, Reverse Variable:%files ]
    A2: Variable Set [ Name:%times To:%TIMES Recurse Variables:Off Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
    A3: [X] Array Process [ Variable Array:%files Type:Sort Alpha, Reverse ]
    A4: List Files [ Dir:%files1 Match: Include Hidden Files:Off Use Root:Off Sort Select:Modification Date, Reverse Variable:%backup ]
    A5: Variable Set [ Name:%backupfile To:%backup1 Recurse Variables:Off Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
    A6: AutoTools Time [ Configuration:Dates to Format: %times
    Format: yyyy-MM/MM-dd HH:mm
    Use Seconds: true
    Output Variable: atcalculated Timeout (Seconds):30 ]
    A7: Variable Set [ Name:%remote_path To:/Tasker/configs/auto/backups/%atcalculateddate.xml Recurse Variables:On Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
    A8: Perform Task [ Name:Create Drive File Priority:%priority+1 Parameter 1 (%par1):%backupfile Parameter 2 (%par2):%remote_path Return Value Variable:%driveid Stop:Off ]