Home Automation - Chaining Voice Commands

Turn on,off,start.. many devices with one voice command

  1. V4.0.9 *******Fixed missing files for new installs*****

    Fixed Profile Regex containing an extra "|" (or sign). Removed additonal tasker variables and deleted unused tasks and actions. Fixed Regex for devices (%DeviceRegex) containing spaces. Added Duplicate Replacement for first multi-word device. Duplication is needed for the first device as the first device in the corrections list (with a space?) does not work correctly in AutoVoice...This May be an AutoVoice Bug. Need to run more tests. Added lightss=lights to corrections list (needed until Regex for replacements is added to AutoVoice) *******Fixed missing files for new installs*****

    I finally had some extra time today to do a complete test of the project with new installs and previous installs. New installs were not working because of a missing file (a file that I forgot to add to initial setup so project would fail when it attempted to read the missing file). I tested this on 3 devices Nexus 6,7 and 5. I removed most of the variables from tasker and wrote them to files, I have not had a single tasker crash since this was implemented. Also no need to delete variables if upgrading to V4.0.9 from any previous version.

    So I think this is nearly a completed project if any one would like to give it another try!
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