Home Automation - Chaining Voice Commands

Turn on,off,start.. many devices with one voice command

  1. V4.0.4 Added Option to Remove Location Dependence

    Added option to remove LOCATION from device name. This Should only be done for devices which are NOT location specific. Added Additional Information and Instructions.

    How to Name your Devices: Devices are triggerd by location-device. So you should not give common devices unique names as they will be triggerd by location. For a device such as "kitchen-lights" you should add "kitchen" to LOCATIONS and "lights" to "DEVICES" if they do not already exist. Other Name Examples (only add items if they do NOT exist. NO DUPLICATES): "unlock the door" or "unlock the front door"; device=door, action=unlock, action=lock, location=(set by default room) and/or location=front. "turn off the bathroom lights"; device=lights, action=on, action=off, location=bathroom. "turn on the counter lights" or "tun on the cabinet lights": device=lights, action=on, action=off, location=counter, location=cabinet.
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