Home Automation - Chaining Voice Commands

Turn on,off,start.. many devices with one voice command

  1. V4.0.6 Bug Fixes and UI improvements.

    Added variable for version number. Version number is now displayed on the title bar of SETTINGS scene.

    Other UI changes.

    Added Option to Enable or Disable program from Menu

    Added files/actions to save/reload ISY node and program addresses for linked devices for backup and transfer (Backup was missing files or did not read files)

    Added Word Corrections from Main Settings Screen****AutoVoice cannot correct all word replacements correctly so this is done in tasker. With corrections done in tasker the project must be triggered by AutoVoice or corrections will not be made, so not all corrections may work at this point in time. I will contacting the creator of AutoVoice to address the problem of AutoVoice Corrections not being made correctly. Examples of AutoVoice errors include. [and=an, landscape will become lanscape], [ and = an ,(with space on both sides) will not trigger if word is at the beginning or end of a captured voice command. This can be fixed by adding a space to the beginning and end of the voice command then removing the space after corrections are made or possibly adding REGEX to corrections****
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