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Turn on,off,start.. many devices with one voice command

  1. App Tasker Integration (See instructions in app tasker settings for XML users)

    Update: (Google Play)

    Added Tasker to App, This was a pain because simple intents were not working on every version of android (only worked on some of my devices). So as a work around I have created a tasker project which communicates with the app. The app will still function in the same way as the tasker project in regards to launching tasks except all the variables will now be in the tasker variable %par1 (this can be split to get individual variables for LOCATION, DEVICE, and ACTON) in your tasker tasks. All settings for devices and actions are shared by tasker and the app so everything except usernames, passwords, ect are already available to the app. If you do not delete the tasker profile of this project be sure to disable all the profiles when using the app.

    TASKER INSTRUCTIONS (copied from tasker instructions inside the app)


    STEP 1 (Only use if importing from the tasker project to the app) Go to Settings(Hamburger icon)>Tasker_Settings>Migrat_From_Tasker_Project_To_App. This will update all the custom task names (created by you) to items usable by the app. This must be done first as once the file is created by the app you can no longer import these tasks and they must be deleted manually.

    STEP 2 Make sure tasker is installed on device and in Menu_>Preferences Select the UI tab, Make sure "Beginner Mode" is NOT checked.

    STEP 3 NOTES (STEP 3 BELOW) NOTES: This app communicates with tasker with intents, for that reason you will need to import a project into tasker which can send and receive intents. This was done for many reasons such as Intents to tasker were not working for all versions of android (at least not in the same way), The user is able to see what imformation is set to and from tasker, and Possible future plugin interface (for user created plugins) END NOTES.

    STEP 3 Then in HOME AUTOMATION VOICE COMMANDS go to Settings(Hamburger icon)>Tasker_Settings> and click "CREATE TASKER XML", this will create a tasker project in the folder Tasker/projects/Get_Send_For_Home_Automation_Voice_Commands.prj.xml.

    STEP 4 Go into tasker and long click on a project (or the house icon on the bottom left), Select "Import", Select the "Get_Send_For_Home_Automation_Voice_Commands" project. This project can be renamed if you wish once it is imported.

    STEP 5 In the HOME AUTOMATION VOICE COMMANDS PROJECT go to Settings(Hamburger icon)>Tasker_Settings and select "REFRESH TASKER TASKS", this will provide the app with all tasks so they can be used in the app. Please remember that you must REFRESH TASKER TASKS whenever you create a new task in tasker and wish to use it with this program.

    STEP 6 Say your voice commands and choose "Tasker Task" from the prompt!
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