Open GeoFence & Activities & Location for opening electric gate

Discussion in 'AutoLocation' started by The_Fonz, Dec 14, 2017.

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    I have followed the AutoLocation tutorial for walking near a shop () to customise for when I'm driving and approach my house to make sure my electric gate is open in time for when I arrive. I am unsure if I'm using the activies right, if I should be ignoring walking / running and set the confidence lower for In Vehicle. I Am getting very very few positive activations of the Very Close to Home (Smaller GeoFence) profile. Below are both profiles, and associated actions. Cheers!

    Close to Home (Big GeoFence)
    Profile: Gate: Location: Close to Home(84)
    Priority: 30
    State: AutoLocation Geofences [ Configuration:Geofence Name: Close to Home
    Status: Inside ]
    Enter: AutoLocaton Enable Location & Activities (93)
    A1: AutoLocation Location [ Configuration:Starting Location Monitor
    Interval: 5 seconds
    Update Type: High Accuracy Timeout (Seconds):60 ]
    A2: AutoLocation Activities [ Configuration:Starting Activity Monitor
    Report Interval: 5 seconds Timeout (Seconds):0 ]

    Exit: AutoLocation Disable Immediately (89)
    A1: AutoLocation Activities [ Configuration:Stopping Activity Monitor
    Report Interval: 60 seconds Timeout (Seconds):0 ]
    A2: AutoLocation Location [ Configuration:Stopping Location Monitor
    Interval: 60 seconds
    Update Type: No Power Timeout (Seconds):60 ]

    Very Close (Smaller GeoFence)
    Profile: Gate: Open: Very Close to Home (69)
    Priority: 43
    State: AutoLocation Geofences [ Configuration:Geofence Name: Very Close to Home
    Status: Inside ]
    State: AutoLocation Activities [ Configuration:In Vehicle: true
    Min Confidence: 50
    Ignore Tilting: true
    Ignore Unknown: true ]
    Enter: Open Gate (75)
    A1: AutoTools Toast [ Configuration:Text: Attempting to Open Gate
    <snip>TOAST CONFIG</snip>]
    A2: Say [ Text:Opening Gate Engine:Voice:default:default Stream:3 Pitch:5 Speed:5 Respect Audio Focus:On Network:Off Continue Task Immediately:Off ] If [ %HEADSETPLUGGED eq True | %BTDEVICE Set ]
    A3: Vibrate Pattern [ Pattern:50,100,50,100 ]
    A4: Perform Task [ Name:AutoLocaton Location & Activities Priority:%priority Parameter 1 (%par1):0 Parameter 2 (%par2): Return Value Variable: Stop:Off ]

    OpenGate Command Via AutoRemote -> A7: AutoRemote Message [ Configuration:Recipient: FonzStore
    Message: opengate Timeout (Seconds):200 ]
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    Sorry for the delay. At first glance the tasks seem ok.

    Can you please try this in AutoLocation:
    - clear logs
    - enable system logs
    - try approaching your house
    -export logs and paste them here

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    Hello I have a question regarding this scenario.

    For auto tools to detect that you entered the larger geofence wouldn't you already have to have the auto location and activity monitoring Services turned on?

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    From what I understand the larger GeoFence is used to turn on AutoLocation's Activity Monitoring (walked, vehicle, running etc)

    The Larger GeoFence is larger so that when your location is updated - hopefully before you enter (or pass through) the smaller GeoFence Activity and Location Accuracy is turned on (or turned up in the case of the Location Accuracy).

    If you are referencing AutoTools from my Profile and Tasks in OP I am only using it to create a Toast Notification.

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