AutoWear Mini Launcher Voice Screen

Show a voice screen when swiping left from the right border of your watch

  1. joaomgcd


    • Go to the "Manage Floating Icons" screen in AutoWear
    • Add an icon
    • Name it "FloatingIcon right border"
    • Set "Left" to 100
    (i) This will make the icon have its center in the right border of your watch, which means half of it will be on screen and half of it off-screen to the right.
    • Set "Width" to 200 pixels
    (i) Because half of the icon is off-screen, only 100 pixels will be available to interact with. This is probably a good amount so that you can comfortably swipe it. If you find it's too big or too small, change its width here
    • Set the "Swipe Left" command to "swipe right border"
    • Accept these settings and go back to AutoWear


    • Enter the "Manage Screens" screen in AutoWear
    • Edit the VoiceOnShake screen that the AutoWear Setup Wizard created for you.
    /!\ If you deleted this screen simply create a new voice screen
    (i) We're going to make this screen appear when the "swipe right border" command is sent from AutoWear, so let's add this command to the list of commands that trigger this screen
    • Click "Command to show"
    • Don't add a pre-defined command
    • add the text ",swipe right border" to the command list. Make sure to add the comma (,)
    (i) This screen will be shown when any of the commands listed here are sent by AutoWear. We just added one more
    • Accept these settings and go back to AutoWear

    If you now swipe from right to left starting at the right border of your watch, the voice screen should show up. You can now say any voice command you want :)

Recent Reviews

  1. odonovandaniel
    Very easy, would be nice to have a swipe on other side to start google mini listening page.