Cast Screen Automatically 1.2

Start casting your screen to your Chromecast automatically

  1. joaomgcd
    (i) This will use AutoInput to automatically click the necessary buttons to start casting your device's screen to your Chromecast.

    /!\ This will only work if your screen is on or your phone/tablet does not have lock screen security. It'll still work if your lock screen is set to "Swipe", but not if it has a pin or other security measures.

    • After importing this project into Tasker you can say "Start Casting Screen" and AutoInput will open your quick settings and start casting your screen
    • If you don't have compatible quick settings to start casting go to the "Cast Screen" project, long click on the entry Task in the "Start Casting Screen" profile and select different Task. There select "Cast Screen Chromecast". This will use the Chromecast app to start casting so make sure to install it if you want to use it like this.
    • To use the "Cast Screen Chromecast" task you also need the Task to Exit App

Recent Reviews

  1. Constapel
    Version: 1.2
    not working. issue not up to date
  2. jdkbph
    Version: 1.2
    Joao's stuff is very helpful... much appreciated
  3. t21drl
    Version: 1.2
    I Cant reply as it says i dont have permission and i just purchased its via the auto apps but tasker refuses to see it . any help would be great. thanks