Create a Dynamic App Launcher Power Menu Tile 2020-10-07

Learn how to dynamically change a tile in your Power Menu on Android 11+

  1. joaomgcd
    This will show you how to create a single tile on your Power Menu screen that will change throughout the day.


    • Create a new profile with the Time condition
    • Set the time from now to a few hours in the future
    • Accept and in the task add a Power Menu Action action
    • Set ID to something like dynamic app
    • Set the title to the app title. In this case I'm using Reddit, but it can be anything you want
    • Set the Subtitle to something related to the app
    • Set the icon of the app you're using
    • Set the command to openapp=:=Relay (change Relay to the name of the app you want to open with the tile)
    • Run the task right away or simply accept your Tasker setup. Since the current time is included in the time you chose in the profile condition, the task should run automatically
    • Add the tile to your Power Menu
    • Click the tile and see that nothing happens yet


    • Create a new profile with the Command condition
    • Set the command filter to openapp=:=*
    (i) We're using the Tasker Command System here. Everything on the right of =:= will be the app's name. Let's create a variable for that...
    • Set the Variables to appname. This will create a variable with the name %appname which will contain what's on the right of =:=
    • Accept the condition and in the task use the Launch App action
    • Use the %appname variable in the Package/App Name field
    • Accept your Tasker setup
    • Click the tile in the Power Menu and press back. Check that the app now opened!


    • Go back to the first profile's task and copy the Power Menu Action action
    • Create a profile similar to the first one but with a different time
    • In the task, paste the action on your clipboard and make sure to keep the same ID so that the tile you created earlier is overwritten
    • Configure the tile with the settings for your second app
    • Run the task manually to test the second app right away
    • Click the tile in the Power Menu to check that the second app now opens


    • Go back to the task in the profile with the Command event trigger and add a Back Button action
    • Accept your Tasker setup and check that when you now click the tile in your Power Menu the app opens and the Power Menu goes away automatically

    Repeat this process for how many apps you want to have an unlimited number of apps!

    Also remember that this is Tasker so you can use any other condition like location, wifi connection or anything else as the trigger to change to the app you need in the situation you need! :cool: