Create a Weather Table Notification

Learn how to easily create a table in the notification panel with AutoNotification

  1. joaomgcd
    Important Note: Unfortunately the Weather Underground API no longer has a free version. More info here.

    In the end it will look something like this:


    • Import the Weather Underground API in AutoWeb and enter your API key. More details here.
    • In a new task add an AutoWeb Tasker action
    • Select the Weather Underground API
    • Select the Forecast action
    • Check that the Query has a default value of %LOCN and Language a value of English
    • Enable the High Celcius, Icon URL and Low Celcius outputs
    • Accept the action and add a Flash action with the text %highcelcius() %iconurl() %lowcelcius()


    • Add a new AutoNotification Table action
    • Set the Title to Weather
    • Set the Texts to:
    Code (Text):
    (i) Make sure to use the new lines as shown above because that's what will let AutoNotification how to correctly show the table.
    • Set the Row Separator to a single new line. This will make AutoNotification know that each line is a list of cells of a row in the final table
    • Set the Cell Width to 50
    • Set the Text Alignment to Center

    If you now run the task a cool table notification with the weather for the next 3 days will be created! :cool:

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  1. Skurtbra
    Doesn't show us how to customize the weather notification. I want an hourly forecast