Create an Edge Launcher like those on Galaxy S Edge devices 2017-06-28

Swipe from the right to launch anything you want!

  1. joaomgcd
    With this you'll be able to
    • Swipe from the right edge at any time
    • bring up an app launcher
    • launch any app
    This is what it'll look like when it's done:

    You can use these edge gestures any way you like! :) An app launcher is just an example, but you can launch anything at all!


    • Create a new Task in Tasker and add an AutoTools Web Screen action
    • Import (if not already imported) and select the Swipe preset
    • Under Commands delete all field values and set Command Left to applauncher
    (i) This way this screen will only react to left swipes by sending out the applauncher AutoApps Command.
    • Run the task and notice how a slim purple vertical line appears at the bottom right. If you swipe left on it, the applauncher command should be sent
    (i) You can customize the look and position of the screen. You could set the line's color to red for example, or move it to the left of the screen. This screen is preconfigured to be shown as an overlay but you can also change that as you want.


    • Create a new profile with the AutoApps Command condition and set the command filter to exactly applauncher
    • In the task add an AutoLaunch Query action and accept it right away to query all available apps
    (i) If you want to only show certain apps in the launcher you can change the configuration here. For example, if you want to only show apps where the name contains Music, set the App Nickname field to Music.
    • Add an AutoTools Web Screen action and select the Card List preset
    • Under Window Settings set
      • Width to 100
      • Height to fill
      • Gravity to Bottom Right


    • Under Command Options enable both Close On Command and Wait For Command
    • Under Cards set
      • Card Titles to %allabels() (which is the labels for all apps gotten from AutoLaunch)
      • Card Images to %alicons()
    • Under Layout set
      • Max Card Width and Min Card Width to 90%
      • Max Image Height to 75
      • Title Text Size to 10
      • Card Padding to 0
    • Go back and test the task. Your app list should show up.
    /!\ Notice how clicking an app will send an AutoApps command with its name. We don't want that, we want the app's package name (ID of the app) so that it's unique. Let's change that now.


    • Go back and edit the Web Screens action
    • Under Cards set the Card Commands field to %alpackages() (which is the package names for all apps gotten from AutoLaunch)
    • Go back and start the task again. Notice how the package name is now correctly sent in the command
    • Add an AutoLaunch action and set the package name to exactly %atcommand (which is the command sent by the AutoTools Web Screen)
    • Exit Tasker to save

    STEP 5 - TEST

    Now if you swipe left on the lower right edge of your screen the app launcher should show up. When you click on an app it should open. The swipe gesture can be performed from anywhere as you can see! :cool: