Create Google Dialer’s Floating Bubble Feature With a Web Screen 2017-10-23

Learn how to mimic Google's Floating bubble dialer feature on any phone with a web screen!

  1. joaomgcd
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Mat Zolnierczyk has created an improved version of this project here.
    After that, Reddit user Ratchet_Guy posted an even better version here!
    So check out those versions if you want an even better experience :)

    Google has a hidden Floating Bar Call UI that you can enable on a rooted device with some hacking.
    But with AutoTools you can create it at will, with no root, with the Floating Bar Web Screen!
    Here's how it'll look like after you import this project:

    To use it you need to
    • Import the Tasker project available as a download on this page (Download Now button at the top). This is not a profile, it's a project. Check here to learn how to import Tasker projects
    • download this zip file that contains the needed icons and unzip its contents into a folder called callui on the base of your Android device.
    • Make sure AutoTools has the file access permission. You can open the main AutoTools app and it'll request permission if you haven't granted it before
    • Make sure AutoTools can display over other apps. You can grant this permission in Android Settings -> Apps -> Advanced -> Special App Access -> Display over other apps
    You can choose a different folder if you like but you'll then need to edit the task in the Phone Offhook profile to change the icons' locations.
    • The Phone Offhook profile will trigger when a call starts which will show the bubble
    • The Phone Idle profile will trigger when a call ends, hiding the bubble
    • The Phone Call Commands profile will trigger when each button is the floating bar is pressed so that you can your phone on speaker, mute the call or hang up the call
    Google's own Call UI is now no longer needed :cool:

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    Version: 2017-10-23
    Thank you.