Create Tasks to Scan Barcodes For Different Purposes

Learn how to easily scan stuff for different purposes with simple tasks

  1. joaomgcd
    You can import the project here.

    With this project you'll be able to quickly create tasks that allow you to scan barcodes for different situations.

    2 situations are included in this example:
    • Saying text in barcodes out loud
    • Inserting barcodes into a Google sheet to quickly create a shopping list
    To get the Google sheet situation working you'll have to create an IFTTT applet.

    • Condition (THIS): Webhooks
      • Event Name: insertsheet
    • Action (THAT): Google Spreadsheets
      • Spreadsheet name: {{Value1}}
      • Formatted row: {{Value2}} ||| {{Value3}}
      • Drive folder path: IFTTT/MakerWebooks

    To create a new situation:
    • Clone the Say Barcodes task
    • Edit the new task and edit the Perform Task action
    • Set the Parameter 1 field to whatever command you want
    • Create a new profile with the AutoApps Event condition
    • Set the Command Filter to the same command you used in the Perform Tasker Parameter 1 field
    • In the task for this evenr you'll have the barcode available in %aacomm and can do whatever you want with it
    If you can't figure something out check out the Say Barcodes task and the Say Out Loud profile and see how they work.

    Important note: to use this project you need the AutoBarcode Beta and AutoTools.

Recent Reviews

  1. viki
    Hi Joao, which scanner did you use in this task
    1. joaomgcd
      Author's Response
      Just the normal AutoBarcode scanner.