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control mail sender managed by simple json file

  1. TotallyNoob
    I wanted to learn how to use json so I created this simple mail filter project, with a json file saved on my phone.

    Unzip file,
    • import project
    • copy spamlist.json where you want on your sd card
    • copy spamlist.json path

    First launch task : put the spamlist.json path file on A1

    First launch task :
    launch the task.
    That creates items , saves the file and launches the task 'Manage list' to check if everything is ok

    Manage list Task :
    launch an autotools dialog list with the items saved
    you can select one of the items of the list to delete it

    Spam filter :
    when you receive a gmail notification, this task compares the mail sender to the data in the json file.
    You can add the mail address and in that case, the mail will be deleted,
    that mail address will be added to the json file and next time, all the mails with same addres will be automatically deleted.

    Tools :
    You can add shortcuts on your desktop to manage spam list, friend's list...

    Todo :

    Known problems :
    don't forget my pseudo, so be indulgent :)
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