Flip to Shhh

When your phone is with its face down, enable do not disturb and lock your phone

  1. joaomgcd
    Google recently announced its new Pixel 3 with a new Flip To Shhh feature.

    It sounds great, but you usually need a Pixel 3 to enable it.

    But with this simple Tasker profile you can replicate this functionality!

    This is how it'll look:

    As you can see, when you flip your phone face down it'll go into Do Not Disturb mode (and make a small sound alerting you that it did). When you flip the phone back again it'll go back to normal!

    Import this project here!

    Important Note: On the current public version of Tasker, importing this project will not ask for the needed permissions as show in the video. You can turn on the permissions manually if needed, or install the beta so that it asks for the permissions correctly.

Recent Reviews

  1. Skipperdoo
    The beeper is a bit annoying after a while. but it has given me some ideas to implement in my own similar profile. Thanks