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Make both your phone and watch alert you when they're disconnected from each other

  1. joaomgcd
    (i) We're going to be reacting to the disconnection event on both the phone and watch so that you're alerted on both and can easily find the one you forgot.

    /!\If you want to make sure that you never lose an AutoWear element it's always best to create a task in Tasker do manage it. If you delete a screen in the "Manage Screens" section for example, it's gone forever. If you create a task in Tasker that creates the screen, you can always re-create it when needed.


    • In AutoWear go to "Manage Screens"
    • Create a new "Single Screen"
    • Give it the name "Screen forgot phone"
    • Set it's command to show to "Disconnected from phone" by selecting that from the pre-defined command list


    • Set text to something like "Disconnected @ <time>"
    (i) <time> is an AutoWear variable. This will be replaced on the watch with its real value, which in this case is the current time. You can find other AutoWear variables by clicking the tag icon like in the video
    • Set Text color and size to appropriate values (like red and BIG :))
    • Set its background image to something that will induce panic
    • Set the vibration pattern to something that will make your heart rate as fast as possible
    • Set Screen Mode to "Keep on" so that if you don't go back to get your phone, you'll really regret it because your watch battery will die really quickly with this screen always keeping the screen on
    /!\ You don't need to use the above values. :p You can use whatever you like. These are just "panicky" values you may want to use


    • In Tasker create a new profile with the "AutoWear Command" event condition
    • Select the "Wear device disconnected" event from the list
    • In the task play a loud sound, show a popup, make your phone vibrate or do anything you'd like to get your attention :)

    (i) When your phone is disconnected from your watch both should now alert you of the fact

Recent Reviews

  1. JamieBrowning
    TIC Watch Pro does not notify of Bluetooth disconnect.
    I find it strange the command is not bluetooth device disconnected, instead it is just disconnected.
    I think this could be the problem my watch is still connected over wifi.