Get Direct Share URL (Dropbox, Google Drive) 1.1.1

Upload a file and get a direct link to it so you can share it with other people easily

  1. joaomgcd
    In this project you have several tasks that will upload files to Dropbox and Google Drive:

    Direct Link Service
    These are the main tasks.
    Will upload the file to a file service, share it and return the shared link.
    Will take 2 parameters:
    • %par1 is the file to upload
    • %par2 is the path to upload to file to on service if needed
    /!\ To make the Google Drive tasks work you need to also import the Google Drive Upload tasks available here.

    Share Test Service
    This are examples on how you can call the Direct Link tasks.
    They will browse for a file with the AutoTools Dialog action, call the task with the file and set the result in the %link variable so you can use it however you like.

    For example
    • you can set your clipboard to it so that you can paste it in another app by using the Set Clipboard action with %link
    • you can send the link to your PC with Join by using the Join Send Push action and setting the URL field to %link

Recent Updates

  1. fixes
  2. Added Google Drive Share Tasks