Getting started with the AutoTools Web Screen

Learn how to build a very basic web page to use with the AutoTools Web Screen

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    Important note: This tutorial was created on an earlier version of AutoTools where very few options existed for AutoTools Web Screens. Nowadays the options are still there but may be in different places. :)

    The AutoTools Web Screen allows to display a web page on your device and interact with it.
    You can make the page's links send AutoApps Commands. For example, if you want to send the
    Code (Text):
    command from a link on the webpage you would add the following HTML code to the page:
    Code (Text):
    <a href="autotoolscommand://hello">Say Hello!</a>
    This would create a link like this: Say Hello!
    When that link is clicked on your device the AutoApps command following the autotoolscommand:// part will be sent.
    In fact, you can open this very page on your device and try clicking the link above and you'll get the hello command :)
    Let's go through the process of making a simple page then.


    (i) You can also save the page to your device and use the local device file as the source instead if you want.
    • Enable the Fullscreen checkbox
    • Go back and test the task. A full screen page should show up with a link. Clicking the link seemingly does nothing, but it's actually sending the toast=:=Hello World! command in the background!


    • Add a new profile with the AutoApps Command event condition
    • Set the command filter to toast=:=
    • Set the variable names to text (this will create a variable called %text with whatever is on the right of toast=:=, which in this case will be Hello World!)
    • In the task add a flash action with the text %text
    • Back out of Tasker to save

    STEP 3 - TEST

    If you now run the task again to show the web screen and click the link, it should show the toast with the text Hello World! :cool:

    You can build any page you want and make it fully interactable with AutoApps Commands!

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