Google Reminder WearOS notification Fix Version 5.4

This is a profile that grabs your Google reminders and displays them on your watch correctly.

  1. Added another Else If

    I added yet another instance of different category codes messing up... I really up when android 11 wear os update comes out for the watches that it adds this functionality by default.
  2. Added another exception

    Added else if for reminder sports and weather
  3. More else if

    Added more missing commands
  4. New else if

    This is so challenging because I have to run into scenarios to edit the code.

    Today i had a weather notification, then a daily weather forecast, then a reminder popped up and failed to send to the watch.

    Had to add another else if command for the different order of notifcations.

    I am sure there is an easier way with wildcards and asterisks. But I could never get those to function right. If someone smarter wants to take a stab let me know.
  5. Google Reminder WearOS notification Fix 5.0

    Google changed the name of their Reminder category ID. So I fixed the coding and it shod function again and better than before!
  6. Ugh... Had to add a reversed else if...

    Well sometimes the Google weather shows up after the reminder... So had to add another else if clause... But I think I have found all scenarios... If not please try to make the task mess up... Thanks..
  7. Google Reminder WearOS notification Fix 4.0

    Ok this may be getting super annoying but had to had to another else\if combo... If you had a reminder you didn't clear yet and a Google weather popped up afterwards it would reshow the weather and erase the reminder notification. Now it checks for that situation and correctly posts the right data... Please if anyone finds something else wrong with my first project let me know.
  8. Google Reminder WearOS notification Fix 3.1

    Had the wrong coding on the IF in the query. Needed to be all strings () not just a single string of info. It will work but if you have several Google notifications open it messes up this should be final and fixed. Sorry for the mess up I am new.
  9. Google Reminder WearOS notification Fix 3.0

    Hello everyone this should be the final version. After a couple of flash posts I was able to add a couple of if/else
    commands to avoid Google weather interrupting the 1 hour\done buttons as well as the text notification post itself. Let me know what you think.