Google Search - show keyboard

Show the keyboard when the Google Search app is opened

  1. pymai
    If you don't use Google Now, when you open Google's search app you will be shown a blank screen and you have to click on the search bar a second time for the keyboard will show.

    This uses AutoInput to click on the search bar which will in turn pop up the keyboard. It should save you roughly 4.2 seconds a day, which works out at roughly 31.6 minutes saved every year!

    Stand-alone task:


    Which to use:
    if you use the home screen or something like swipepad to launch google search, then add the task there and use it instead of launching from the normal google icon.

    if you mostly open google search from the app drawer or something that doesn't let you add a custom task then use the profile instead.
    but you should be able to use both at the same time without causing any trouble